R W Strong Real Estate was an established and respected real estate practice in Gymea when its founder, Roger Strong, was killed suddenly in a motor boat accident in 1954.

The ever popular Tom Lloyd purchased the business at that time and with his wife, Bunny, continued to grow and develop the agency into one of the best known in the Sutherland Shire.

In 1970, the Lloyd’s purchased the Miranda agency of F R (Fred) Shaw upon his retirement and Bunny ran that business in Miranda until 1976.

The Shaw’s came from a pioneering family in the Shire with Fred’s brother Seymour well known as President of Sutherland Shire Council and is famous for that well known park that was named after him.

The Shaw’s commenced in real estate in 1922 in Cronulla until 1924 when Fred opened his business in Miranda and was later joined by Seymour in that venture.

In 1976, the Miranda office was closed and both businesses were combined into one in our present location in Gymea as Tom’s health had deteriorated. He subsequently passed away in 1977.

Many of our current clients are family members of past clients of R W Strong and F R Shaw.

Fred Shaw was a man of integrity and high ethics and placed the interests of his clients before any other. Tom Lloyd was known as a lovable rogue and was well liked and respected by all.

Doug and Julie Stalker took over ownership of Strong Real Estate in 1978 shortly after Tom’s death and remained at the helm for 25 years. They had the same approach as their predecessor’s; high ethical standards and an excellence in service where the customer is the most important person in the world.

Those 25 years saw Strongs grow to become one of the leading Real Estate Agencies in the Shire and always a leader with innovative marketing ideas and strategies.

David Gossling acquired Strong First National Real Estate in May 2003 and has now taken real estate to an entire new element releasing Strong Property in June 2008. John Poulton then acquired the Sales department November 2014, creating the Strong Property Sales name. John and David both continue to uphold the high work ethic Strongs are known for. Keep watching.

We are very proud to have such a long and valued history and strong local identity.

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