Marketing Makes a Difference

There’s a saying in real estate, "you can’t sell a secret". It may seem a bit like justification for the money agents suggest vendors pay to advertise, but when you think about that it makes a lot of sense: no one will know what you have to sell unless you tell them about it.

If you’re willing to pay a couple of hundred dollars on classified ads to tell people about the great lounge suite you have to sell, why wouldn’t you pay a proportional figure to obtain the best price for your most valuable asset? Effective advertising shouldn’t be considered part of your costs but an investment in your eventual profit.

The idea of advertising that your home is on the market is to ensure as many genuine, qualified people as possible are aware of the fact. The more people who see that it’s for sale, the more chance a vendor has of attracting appropriately financed buyers to see it - and to offer for it. The more offers, the more you as vendor will have to pocket - or spend on your next dream home.

However, when you discuss with your agent how your home will be marketed, you shouldn’t be simply thinking about the advertising dollar. Marketing your home successfully is about writing effective copy to describe your property, and about where and how often it should be advertised for maximum effect. A good agent will know how to plan a marketing program that is flexible, and effective and will suit you - not just your home, but your lifestyle.

A Strong Property agent will form a marketing campaign in consultation with you, so you are aware of when, where and how it will be advertised, and why it’s being promoted in that fashion. You must have some input - for instance, to ensure the written description talks about your property and its features as you’d like them described, and that inspections are timed to best suit the loves of people living in it.

Any property can be sold. Any property can be sold for less than the market value. It’s your agent’s job to act in your interests and get the best possible price and conditions of sale.

Without an effective marketing campaign, you really are forcing your agent to work with one hand tied behind his or her back.